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Shaiya Infernal

An enhanced episode 4.5 server

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Revamped Armors & Weapons

Every 60-Zone pieces of armor and weaponery are 6-slotted

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Latest News

Farewell Infernal

Dear all,

We are truly sad to announce that we have decided not to resume running Shaiya Infernal. We opened the server primarily for the players' enjoyment, we wanted them to have a stable and safe place where to play and secondarily to keep developing. It turned out that lately we have failed both. It appears our players do not enjoy the server as we would have liked them to, the hundreds of daily complains could be held as proofs. Therefore, it seems that the server was nothing more than source of negativity for both the players and the staff. We were literally spending our dedicated time for the server dealing with complaints thus making the developement part nearly nonexistent.

No bits of positivity was felt, which honestly felt discouraging. What would have been the use of keeping running such a place? Such a comminity like ours would have needed more free time to dedicate to. That, unfortunately, is something we cannot offer.

We thank every single one of you who've taken the ride with us. We would also like to thank our devoted players and staff members [GS]Kurthadron and [GS]Noor for their time and dedication, a huge thank you to you both.

For those who might now look for a new home, here are two professional servers that we would like to suggest

  • Shaiya Exile

  • Shaiya Revenant


    Mystic & Infernal.


    We are recruting!

    We are currently looking to enlarge our staff team and hire new staff members. If you are interested post your applications on forums..


    Game client update

    We've heard a lot of you experienced issues with the game client, we've taken steps to fix the problem. You shall not receive any further malware/virus threats regarding the client and its content.


    Event PvP Monster Madness

    A Monster Madness will be hosted in Deep Desert 1 at 15:00 server time.

    Server Time

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